''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Returning to ancient Egypt, we find further references to mfkzt at various sacred locations. One of these relates to the treasures of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, as reproduced in a bas-relief at the Temple of Karnak. In the metals section, there are a number of cone-shaped objects. They are explained as being made of gold, but carry the rather odd description, "white bread".

It was at Karnak where, in about 1450 BC, Pharaoh Tuthmosis III founded his metallurgical fraternity of Master Craftsmen, with 39 members on the High Council. They were called the Great White Brotherhood - a name which, it was said, derived from their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder of projection..

  The manna was the “bread” taken by the high priest, the Melchizedek priest.  Moses told the Hebrew people at one point, “You have not kept the covenant, and so the manna is being taken from you.  But it will come back in the end times.  When we will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood.”

The manna, the white powder of gold, is the food, the light, one takes into their body.  It is the Food of the Gods.


Edgar Cayce reading 1616-1
26. Before this we find the entity was in the land now known as the Mexican and Yucatan land, during those periods when there were the voices of the peoples in the land proclaiming that there had come a new REVELATION to those that had been strangers in a portion of the land. 
27. The entity was among the priestesses of the MAYAn experience. It was just before that period when those as from the east had come, and there were the beginnings of the unfoldments of the understanding that there were other portions of the same land, or those that were visiting from other worlds or planets.
 [GD's note: Psychic experiences of prehistory? Space Ships, flying saucers?]


If you love crystals, give them lots of attention and they'll return the favor!  Keep them charged with *sun or moon light and don't forget you can recharge them with *earth as well.  On your next trip to the Arkansas crystal mine area, bring home a shoebox full of dirt (but leave the plants alone because that's usually illegal) or just bury them with intention in dirt from your own yard. Should your crystals need cleansing  use a sea salt bath and smudging is another easy way to remove any negative vibes. If you love to play, advanced practitioners also might initiate a dialogue with their stones for cleansing, healing, working with their frequency, remote viewing and more.
*sun:  alternatively use Full Spectrum Light Bulbs.
*earth: in a pinch buy a bag of sand at Walmart or Big Lots & bless before use.


As much as I love Florida, I'm taking another look at Hawaii Arizona because they don't do Daylight Savings Time (except the Navajo Res).   Those of us that align with the sun dislike the Spring and Fall time change.  I've tried ignoring  clock-time but this is problematic with appointments and schedules, reservations etc and doesn't work.  .  . maybe someday.  


It's  the Autumnal Equinox  so light a candle, align/acknowledge the seasonal shift and remember Mercury Retrograde goes stationary direct today.  The former heralds the advent of Fall here in these ancient Ozark Mountains while the latter Action Planet  forward motion is welcome if you work with vibrational movement.  I hear Florida calling  snowbirds back for the winter, especially appealing to those of us who thrive on the Eastern Seaboard Atlantean energy.


Mercury Direct and Autumnal Equinox tomorrow get things moving!  I know little about astrology and depend on  the experts who know what they're talking about.  Mercury goes stationary direct but we still have the post shadow phase going on until October 6 and the Equinox may be great for some but not for others so beware of possible collateral damage from both these planetary aspects. .  .  just sayin'.


Have you been pranked, spoofed, stalked, hacked or just glitched lately? Any online presence today makes us vulnerable to internet 'bots' technology/unknown invasive agenda.  After a lifetime working in the public eye, the gods favored me with seclusion, extremely cherished by this shy natural recluse where I write anonymously to avoid ego based attention.   I no longer reply to  Comments or personal requests but most questions or  interests are probably addressed on a past or future post so stay tuned and thanks for visiting. 


The shorter days are a reminder that Mercury goes Direct and the Fall Equinox is almost here and my favorite Ozark season.  Already the leaves on the trees behind the Angel Pond are faintly tinged with gold and red, marking Autumn's return.  Living in the south and out west, I missed the gorgeous Ozark autumns most of all, and as one of the New Madrid Vortex native born, I confess to missing the Atlantean vibes embedded in our numerous Temple Mounds, emitting their powerful energy, both motivating and challenging even to the brave warriors well tempered from somewhere in time.


It’s no secret that you need money to accomplish most of what you want in life. But it isn’t until you understand that money is simply a tool that allows you to show your appreciation for the things in your life, that your wealth will multiply. Money is inherently spiritual – a means for you to say thank you and for those around you, including the Universe (or God), to express appreciation towards you.


It's been a festive week with birthdays, anniversaries, company  and reunions, reminders of the rich tapestry of an ordinary life.  Born and bred to pioneer stock in The New Madrid Vortex provided the background for independence and creativity while bonded to the land, activating old skills learned somewhere in time, that I honor with grateful appreciation.