''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The New Madrid earthquake fault has awakened recently, with 15 quakes in the last month.  The largest was a 3.5 with no damage -  here's to creating it remains that way!  Join me.


What do you love to do?  Some paint, cook, quilt, garden, write, channel and more.  I enjoy lots of different things but  as my readers know, my most favorite is decorating.  For me, it's an instant cure for whatever happens - it quickly dissolves negativity but is also a way to celebrate, expressing art, beauty and creativity. Whatever  you like to do, get up and do it!  The Universe loves you for it.


If you're researching 'simulated reality', here's another tip that may be helpful:  Reviewing 'memories' through the lens of time may reveal them as illusions, since  looking at it not in it changes the perspective and emotional detachment helps  break  the electromagnetic bond. Make it a point to remember it's technology -- the Matrix prison is a virtual one!  If you've ever experienced a reality shift, deja vu  or a 'wavy' moment, you don't need convincing that reality  is a recording/movie and we're in it!


If you agree/suspect you're living in a simulated reality, how do you escape? One suggestion is to let go of the idea you have free will, and begin monitoring your reality constantly for confirmation/proof it's all a setup.  Practicing the former will help to clarify the latter. but remember, the mind will always give us an answer so when that happens it doesn't really mean it's true.    Our belief, true or only professed,  filters what we perceive as real - it's all relative so cease resistance.  If it's true we're only animated characters in someones video game/imagination  there is no escape, but awakening ups the game. .  . or does it?  


With rain on the way, I think I'll stay home with a good book.  Some things never change such as a fire in the fireplace and a cuppa Yorkshire or Earl Grey.  Imagine my surprise to learn Aldi is the Brits favorite tea - who knew!  With the British eye for quality I'm glad to learn my favorite store sells their most popular tea.  .  .  gotta love it!


Today we greet the New Moon, a good time to align with the stars and begin new projects,  and remember to set Abundance Bucks requests!  Before beginning  higher frequency situations and conditions you might need to make room for the new by closing old creations/beliefs/paradigms so be bold, be brave and cut the ties to what no longer serves but use caution, it may be harsh while the old fades away so be prepared to deal with Black Magic, sword thrusts and even health flareups.


It's a misty rainy morning here at The Cottage, a good time to enjoy a cuppa by the fireplace while tuning in and turning on the creative frequency. It's time to refresh and reboot, expanding my repertoire. .  join me. 


We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day at  get-together, a great reminder how fun my family is and how we need to do this more often.  I'm counting my blessings, join me!


Thanksgiving Eve finds many of us preparing for company, baking and making lists, all the things we do at holiday.  For some reason my thoughts turn to that first Thanksgiving and the hardships the ancestors endured, no doubt they had plenty to be thankful for.  I lived in Virginia Beach years ago, a few miles from First Landing State Park, and although I visited almost daily, I wish I'd paused to attune to the pioneering ancestors vibration, but that  never occurred to me. . . maybe sometime soon?


It's cold and sunny here today, great weather for shopping, the fleamarket or just staying home by the fireplace with a cuppa.  Aligned with the season, I'm grateful and thankful for the blessings of happiness, creativity and the comforts of home.