''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Guidance from Eileen Caddy
Learn To Live Fully In The Ever Present Glorious Now
Time and distance are as nothing in My sight. It is you who create limitations by allowing time and distance to control you, instead of being in control of them. When you can learn to live fully in the ever present glorious Now, you will at last be in complete control, and time and distance will become as nothing to you and you will know the true meaning of the freedom of the Spirit for you will be living in Spirit and truth in the Now, with no concern for the past or for the future but giving of you very best Now.
21 October 2016


“Eternal One is continuously sending emissaries. They are comprised exclusively of the wise silence, the universal beauty.
“It is your choice whether or not to follow their energetic promptings or to ignore them because of your unsteadiness for such counsel.
“These beings of light and love are all around you, and have been since your arrival into this physical presence that you identify with so strongly.
“They leave clues and omens, and sometimes their guidance is subtle and confusing—but they are there, and all you need do is begin to pay attention to your intuitive feelings and then act fearlessly on what they seem to be communicating to you.
“The more you trust in this intuition, the more you will see things in pure alignment with your own dharma.
“Go with what you feel inside—your soul-beat activating your excitement—it’s inviting you to the next step up the ladder of a life that leads to the light.”
~Dr. Wayne Dyer from I Can See Clearly Now


What inspires you?  Most of us are inspired by art, beauty, prose and poetry etc.  How many times has great art left you speechless?  Silent, awe struck appreciation is the greatest accolade we have for the few who left their legacy for those who followed, now and through the centuries. .  .   praise indeed.


Just a  reminder that we can amend and adjust reality with our Imagination - we do it all the time anyway!  Whatever we're presently experiencing is the reality screen/mirror reflecting our beliefs, known or unknown via the power of imagination.  Successful creators possess excellent control of their  ability to focus creating  the reality they choose.  Don't waste energy figuring out how, instead dedicate to the goal until it's real.  Remember it's technology!  Dreams come true for those with tunnel vision on what they want.


I hope you enjoying the  gorgeous Full Moon, another supermoon!  Some of us  had quite a ride on the way while others report the major effects were reserved until the it was exact!  Some  felt the Mars influence the last week while others experienced runaway emotions and most all saw lots of activity, even those reclusive types such as myself.  As much as I would like to discount the stars, the Full Moon still manages to get my attention!  I know that "the stars impel not compel" but that only works when we're proactive so intend to stay more up on the astrological forecasts in future. .  .   join me.


Revise reality a la Neville!  Even advanced creators fall under the spell of socalled reality and believe it to be true.   Whether personal, friends/family or the evening news we accept what the reality mirror reflects unless we monitor our thoughts, conditions and situations vigilantly.   Take care, watch carefully and  *use the pruning shears of revision when needed.  Stay awake and beware since anything less is feeding egoic mind!  Accept nothing less than the best for you and yours living A New Earth now.
Neville says:  Now this is how we do it. At the end of my day, I review the day; I don't judge it, I simply review it. I look over the entire day, all the episodes, all the events, all the conversations, all the meetings, and then as I see it clearly in my mind's eye, I rewrite it.


It has been an interesting New Moon!   One networker said she went out and looked at the moon to make sure it wasn't a Full Moon  (not yet but beware, one is on the way October 16)!  I felt the same way, as dead issues revived and absurd conditions popped up momentarily disturbing the sanctuary here at The Cottage.  Aware that the stars impel not compel doesn't count when you're already blindsided!  Handle appropriately and move on.


If Mercury Retrograde post shadow period ended with a smack, look for the message it carried.  For most of us, it was just a stronger more emphatic version we ignored until the pinprick became a sword-thrust!  In my experience these are always corrective and ultimately for my  higher good, whether I want to see it or not.  REMINDER TO SELF:  Next time I'll listen and save myself the complications!


Another reminder to  follow the path of least resistance with this mantra from Eckhart Tolle "I don't mind what happens".   Advanced creators know it's software therefore  this neutralizes and cancels out emotional data  magnetically attracting.  Don't forget, it's technology!  Manage the programs by speaking your word with intent (vibration)! 
PS Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase ends today!


Advanced creators realize that their Attention focus aka belief filters determines what they experience  and at the same time, pardon the pun, correct the past  while others replay past negative experiences,  self righteously assigning  blame  over and over in an endless loop.  The former realize this raises the dead and refrain, while the latter justify their misery, attracting more of the same.   The good news is we can change our mind and rewrite the past using our power to create what we prefer to experience. Just imagine. 


If you'd like to shift reality and you love to play then reconsider the idea of parallel realities.  Most don't believe it's possible besides fear losing love, status etc.  But what if there was a near perfect you!  One that chose wisely and fared well, with even more love and success?  Some have glimpses of their alternate "I" while others can easily tune in by shifting Attention.  If it's time for a change, explore and have fun.