''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Happy New Moon!  It's the perfect time to launch your new project, change your mind and raise your vibration.  Yesterday the lunar rays revealed fresh insights/Attention on the  ultimate Ascension goal, A New Earth, just the reminder I needed.  It began with a review of people, places and things to  release then continuing to unfold this morning, showed me that what I'd been labeling baggage is blessings!  Rather than holding me back/keeping me stuck, they were protective devices installed to assist.


Cathy Pagano
 “This Cancer New Moon is very juicy. The Great Mother is cooking up a sweet and spicy stew for us. Its taste is fiery, bold, rich and sweet – a truly subtle blend of spices…”“Mercury slipped into Cancer just after the Solstice, so the Mind takes on a watery depth, dispersing through the stew to pick up intuitive clues about our emotional state.“Since Mars is also in Cancer, just beginning to connect with Jupiter before hitting Pluto’s power and then Uranus’ awakening, expect some hot and spicy exchanges,


Did you sense the Summer Solstice energy activated an upgrade for you?  In my world it inspired yesterday's post, the point was that lack and limitation is old egoic mind software so turn it off.  Focus Attention on abundance and fun and that will become your reality.  You're entitled to the very best life offers so follow your heart.



I read on the news this morning that renaissance man George Clooney (and partner) sold their tequila company for a billion dollars! The father of twins at 53 and now worth millions, America's dreamboat  is living the life while making a difference.  As a humanitarian fulfilling his major purpose, The Universe provides all the best of love, wealth, beauty, (Google his Lake Como villa & new digs with new wife in England) having fun, reportedly George and  friends are notorious for playing pranks/practical jokes etc proving that a spiritual path needn't be puritanical/restrictive/pious/straitlaced etc.
  Many of us are still overcoming mind control/hypnotic programming/brainwashing where being spiritual meant forsaking any materialistic comforts, embracing poverty and lack living a joyless life.   Sound familiar?  Dance, laugh, play, celebrate life and watch The Universe respond with wonderful things.


Dearest Light*beings
On the Solstice, we honor the Light, we remember the Light, we celebrate the Light.
These seasonal turning points remind us of the essential, the elemental…wherein lies our planetary unity.
Whether we welcome Winter in the Northern hem or Summer in the Southern hem, we enter a new cycle. We cross over a new threshold. 
Symbolically, in many cultures, this crossing over was personified by the ancient ritual of jumping over fires.
I rejoice the opportunity for us as a planet, to come together in this unifying factor of remembrance~~~


Eckhart Tolle
Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.
What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.


Today  there are many self-help books and websites offering advice on creating/managing reality but don't forget this free and easy way to change your life - remember you are dreaming!  Our reality is an illusion/dream/movie/computer simulation, name the game, and  probably not even yours to begin with!  Wake up and escape.


Reality creators  who've refined their concentration skills find many ways to apply but you don't hear much about "The past doesn't exist".  At one time or another most of us have used the metaphors "digging up bones", "let sleeping dogs lie" etc  but still miss the point because egoic mind is too busy using a imagined  past created on the fly  to justify the present.  Join the Advanced creators who decide what they see is Real and escape the Matrix/nightmare/dream.  


If the news disturbs you, use your tools to handle it.  Practicing Presence brings immediate relief and many use HoOponopono  or other advanced reality management  methods to turn it off tune it out.  Those who love to play find unique solutions using visualization/imagination so get creative.


Here's another reminder that if you love your tarot cards, have you tried IChing?  Futurist Neil Freer's comment about IChing authenticity prompted me to give it another look and I totally agree.  Try it for yourself.


It's a drizzly misty morning here at The Cottage, so time to update goals. If that sounds good, be bold and claim what's  Right For You now.  It takes courage to let go and release old reruns replaying hurts, failures and betrayals  leaking away your creative energy.  Cease digging up bones and embrace the wisewo-man you are today.