''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


When things 'go south' and you don't know how to fix it, what about trying Surrender?  Some of us resist surrendering (usually coached in religious terms like 'surrender to God' etc) and/or we question what it means? I've been wondering about this then remembered Edgar Cayce reading  per 'God' is electric force creative vibration that's life,  so to me that means its a frequency aka The Divine Plan.   If you dedicated to in service to others, whether you call it the Divine Plan, The Force or perfect frequency, why not explore Surrender.


Sometimes in life we find we don't know what to do next.  We've completed goals, relationships end and while we welcome change we aren't sure the direction we want to pursue.  If this sounds familiar then relax awhile, right where you are, and wait until The Universe activates the pathway RIGHT FOR YOU.   Practice Presence until Divinity clearly inspires. . . Amen.


We dress up every day as if we were going to a masquerade, clothed in our bravado and our beliefs.  Seeing our own play-acting, we can change.  We can begin to sense what's going on underneath the words, free ourselves of automatic responses, and react authentically.  


If you aligned with the New Moon energy, setting goals and starting projects, how about reviewing beliefs?  Sometimes we set goals that are blocked by transparent beliefs so when nothing happens, look for embedded beliefs.  Often they're not even transparent, yet we stubbornly keep trying to create over them - so not happening!  Cease blaming others, life, the past and claim responsibility for everything. . . change begins with us!


The New Moon today is opportunity knocking to begin a new path, projects and goals.  Intensify you intentions and create living your dream.  It's not too late, you're not too old or too poor, you're just stuck in the old paradigm of lack, less and failure.  It was all just domestication so lose the blues and go for it!


  The important thing is to respect the way others dream, even if we don't approve of their interpretation of reality. 


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If you're into astrology, there's a New Moon in a couple of days - and don't despair -  just one more week of the Mercury Retrograde post shadow period.  Set your intentions  a la Elvis TCB (Taking Care of Business)  smooth sailing ahead.  
"Thank you, thank you very much" Elvis Presley


Think On This ...
"Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God … vibration that is creative is of the same energy as life itself."
-Edgar Cayce‬ reading 2828-4


What's in the way of your goals, maybe it is about you? How willing are you to experiencing being vulnerable, allowing a chink in that armor we wear to avoid being hurt? I fought an uphill battle for years, defensive and reactive, blocking abundance, love and happiness until  I  decided to let down my guard.  When I did, Venus smiled, with the safe space to be authentic, real and express my potential.  


Do you let life dictate how to feel  or do you dictate to life the way you wish to feel?  I  forget and then notice I'm reacting to circumstances and situations, caught in the old victim  mode, another way of being irresponsible.  So to reinforce my intention to feel the way I want to, I've begun integrating this advice from Mike Dooley aka The Universe.  Exercise your authority as King/Queen of your own domain by choosing/deciding instead of being willy nilly cast about by the winds of Fate.  Join me.


There's still few more days of Mercury Retrograde post shadow period but most of us have noticed the Action Planet moving forward again.  Then there's  2016 February New Moon on the way also so if you  like to align with  planetary energy then choose your designs and projects now.  As always, remember the stars impel not compel!


Let one thing follow the next with a great sense of peace and rightness so all stress and strain disappear into nothingness and everything gets done at the right time without any effort. Life should be effortless because all is guided and directed by Me. When you feel a sense of strain you may be sure you are straying away, so come back quickly and find that perfect peace and security when you know you are doing My will and walking in My footsteps.