''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The New Moon lunar rays arrived with new beginnings for many of us.  Some  relocate, remodel, resign or just review.  Others revoke old contracts, reveal secrets, renew vows, release baggage and more.  It's been a busy week here at The Cottage, with changes  relative to a renaissance, always welcome.  Upgrade, improve/reality and raise your vibrations.


The Orionids is an annual meteor shower that is caused by debris left behind by Haley’s Comet burning up in Earth’s atmosphere.
“The shower will produce somewhere between 10 and 20 meteors per hour,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel said.
“The best viewing in the Northern Hemisphere will be after midnight,“ Samuhel added.
This year will be a particularly good year for viewing the Orionids as the peak of the shower falls just days after the new moon, meaning there will be little natural light pollution for the shower to compete with.
However, light pollution from cities and towns can wash out some of the dimmer meteors, reducing the number of meteors people can see from these areas.
Static US Orionid Friday Night

The eastern U.S. will have the best weather on Friday night for viewing the shower with a large dome of high pressure promoting clear skies across the region. Last year, clouds obscured the shower for many in the eastern U.S., but this year will likely provide a better window for viewing meteors.
However, late-night fog may develop in some areas which can impact those trying to view the Orionids before dawn.
Clear skies are also expected across much of the southwestern U.S., while clouds create issues for those trying to view the shower in the northwestern and central U.S.


Here's hoping you began new projects in alignment with today's New Moon in Libra.  If nothing else, clean out a closet, rearrange your mantle decor/centerpiece for a fresh look or change your mind aka attitude adjustment.  


There's a New Moon tomorrow, prime time to begin a new project, upgrade and raise vibrations.  Dust off those dreams and challenge yourself to create wonderful things.   Use your imagination to envision the people, places and things to make it real.
"Be compassionate with yourself."


Some of us understand about Creative Imagination.  It's the mental faculty of  things, conditions, scenarios, ideas and concepts, sometimes visual images,  that may or may not   dense into reality, depending on the amount of emotional juice we give it.  This creative ability we know as imagination, streams constantly it seems, especially for some, in the background our minds.  Those right brain creative artistic among us  know how to tap this font at will, while others just 'can't imagine'.  To read  Neville's definitive work, click Awakened Imagination. Some perceive this stream as a broadcast sent as software downloads to us from a big computer somewhere by helpful Angels or aliens  or even as a control mechanism from Earth controllers.  Whatever the origin, it can operate as a Magic Genie, so use responsibly and create something beautiful, making healing positive choices of wealth, health and happiness for all.


One of the benefits of awakening the Lightbody is your intuitive bridge to Higher I is connected, so you know.  Dormant DNA can be activated, with many stories to share, and you realize you are more than this one shot wonder. While there may appear to be a downside, that  later often becomes a blessing.  You may find yourself alone, as those with lower vibrations drop away -- don't try to hang on -- it's technology aka electromagnetic attraction disconnecting and they'll be replaced with those on your level.  Shine on.


How creative are you? If you doubt your ability try assuming that you are very creative and see what happens.  It's amazing what our minds can achieve given half a chance since our position could  open the pathway to advanced creativity.  Remember, thinking you can't blocks that you can.


Those dedicated to their major purpose, monitor their words and thoughts, aware it's a vibrational Universe.  They're alert to triggers and handle accordingly.  Should you suddenly think of the past, lay it by/pass it on ASAP.  Bless everything for highest good and return to Source/Presence.


What's your modus operandi?  Are you excited about life and eager to greet the day, especially aware it's your creation?  Maybe you're experiencing a dry spell, creatively speaking, but don't give up - what you desire is seeking you and right around the corner.  I passed an optometrist building  yesterday and noticed a small sign that read "Focus grows" my kind of talk!  Concentrate your focus on your desire until it manifests.


Today's Full Moon in Aries is an opportunity to align with the powerful lunar energy, especially  blessing all those affected by the recent violence in Las Vegas.  Let's include the entire area there as well, restoring the Earth aura and  healing the collective consciousness psyche that includes our entire country and the world, creating peace and harmony for all.


In our changing world today, it's a good habit to practice Presence, and remain grounded/centered.  Presence means you are present experiencing without thinking or judging.  Most don't even know what that is.  .  . . ruled by mechanical mind, they have never had a still moment in their lives!  Egoic mind chatters constantly, jealous and fear driven, sustaining itself off our resistance, attracting more of the same.  Begin stillness and watch it stop.


Sending prayers to all those affected in Las Vegas.


This morning's  twinkling Venus is inspiration to welcome  more beauty, love, fun and all wonderful things life offers.  My guides urge me to open pathway for upgrades so here goes.  Stay tuned.


Did you know that the first step in creation is when you decide?  Most  breeze along daydreaming/wishing clueless why  their desires aren't granted, while others know that their emphatic decision   spoken  out loud turns on  the technology/vibratory sound wave magnetic attraction software,  best accomplished speaking in present tense ie "I am _____".  The  word is creative, drawing to us what  we say  so guard carefully what you speak lest it manifests.  Understand it's technology and takes you literally and is always personal, so never speak ill of another because the software sees all as requests and will oblige.  


Attention, what we focus on,  creates reality but our beliefs act as filters, regulating where we put that attention.  Beliefs are more easily recognized in others and may behave as spells, transparent to those under their influence so they  don't even know it. It is/operates as technology/software, a bot that hears every word and  when impressed sufficiently, will give it to you as reality.  Change reality by focusing on what you desire.


Another way to address adverse conditions is look for what it serves - what's good about it.  Focus attention  until it speaks to you aka relays it's message.  Financial limitations/poor self-image prevents so many things. .  .  you get the point.  Often our past history will reveal the source --  allow it to unravel, revealing the gifts it contains.  


Recently I decided I would drop my Goal List and see what happens.  I realized that The Universe/Creative Force  could have something way better for me than I imagine and my 'goals' could be the blocking energy.  Stay tuned.


From my desk in my study here in the Ozarks, join me as we welcome the autumn Equinox.
Druids and Pagans often gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the spiritual event
Getty images contributor


Let's welcome the New Moon in Virgo today by requesting Abundance Bucks and starting that new project.  Keep in mind the old adage: "The stars impel not compel" and make your own rules.  Listen to your heart chakra, forgive often, talk less and be present with yourself because you are the only one living your life.


Are you aware how powerful you are?  If you're know you create your reality, what about the 'others' in your drama?  Change your opinions about them and watch miracles happen.  Refuse to accept bad news, it's merely revealing your own opinions.  Dance, laugh, sing and let your love for life bubble over attracting  wonderful things for all. 


Autumn's on the way,  a reminder/attunement  to WiseWoman/Earth/goddess energy.  The interactive connection with Nature Intelligence raises vibrations to support and sustain us, much appreciated in these times. I publish these words to awaken those who requested it - in case you forgot.  Join us.


Re superstorms/earthquakes/tsunamis/volcanoes:
"Since human life and human consciousness are intrinsically one with the life of the planet, as the old consciousness dissolves, there are bound to be synchronistic geographic and climatic natural upheavals in many parts of the planet, some of which we are already witnessing now." 
A New Earth" pg 23


Are you trying to save the world?  Are you an over-achiever?  Are you driven to excel, achieve, produce etc?  If so, what do you think would happen if you stop?  Would the Earth stop spinning/pole shift, WW3, get divorced or worse?  What if you had nothing to prove, weren't in competition, are perfect just as you are?  Escape/crash the computer simulation reality software running the show and live free.