''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Those encountering blocks or stuck energy, might benefit by reconnecting with  the inner goddess, science (technology) not religious.  Whether Madonna, Queen, Deva, The Great Mother, Fairy Godmother, Mother Mary, Gaia or Higher Self, it offers sacred Source empowerment regardless of age, gender, circumstance or situation. Beyond the collapsing patriarchal paradigm, the Divine Feminine awaits with authentic gifts nurturing rich abundance, sensual aliveness, love and Realness.


Mars, planet of war, goes Stationary Direct today and starts to  move, slow but steady during the post shadow phrase through August 22, 2016.   Since April, with Mercury and Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn retrograde, slowing/stalling projects, situations and conditions, we welcome relief as the planetary aspects move forward.


Mars Retrograde goes stationary direct tomorrow!  I admit to knowing little to nothing about astrology so always quote/credit respected astrologers.  Still, I  intuitively sense when Mercury, Mars or Venus spin their webs/programs/energy my way.  Just when I thought it was safe to come out from under the bed, Mars caught me on the tail-end of it's retrograde phrase!  Although of an milder adversarial nature, it was a reminder why Mars is known as the planet of war.  Thanks Marina, next time I'll listen.


Do you have a creative vision you're exploring?  If so, is it realistic or are you saying "No way"?  Bingo!  You just discovered the blocking transparent belief in the way.  I just experienced this myself so amended it to "There is a way", then  realized how limiting that is so changed to "There are lots of ways", opening lots of possibilities while at the same time reminded me my Attention is on trying to figure it out instead of 'being there' experiencing for real.  Use your Awakened Imagination and play it forward living your dream.


A recent situation was an opportunity to use my tools  rather than dive in to fix-it - old school resistance.  Since what we resist persists, it's often wiser to handle on an energetic level and a reminder to  remain vigilant for egoic mind reviving old habits, seemingly so justified!  It may be transparent beliefs or other data best handled with Ho'Oponopono or other advanced tech . .  . . or try this: rather than launch a shouting match a la mass consciousness, try imagining the antagonist one inch tall!  Reclaim creative energy and  tickle your funny-bone restoring equilibrium at the same time. . . try it.


Do you plan on relocating?   According to Edgar Cayce,  a change of location will change our luck, opening pathways of opportunities, beneficial situations and conditions.  If you love where you are, then you're in the right place already.  Others want to move but believe they can't because of financial lack, family responsibilities etc. .  .  . but is that really true?  What about creating you can!  Divine Source knows infinite ways to your goal so lose the can't and embrace the I can.


The good news is Mars goes stationary direct Wednesday June 29, 2016 - but then there's still the  post shadow period in effect through August 22.   Some experienced the god of war wrath more than others, with  snarly cashiers, friends meltdowns or enemies popped back up again, disturbing serenity.  If you dug in your heels, went to ground or took other evasive methods, just hang on a little longer, as harmony returns.


Here's hoping the Summer Solstice/Full Moon brought clarity and understanding on situations and circumstance.  In my world, it released one issue and illuminated another, a reminder to return to Source. Here's a tip - if you wish you understood others better, look for what they/re getting out of it.  With eyes wide open you may choose to move on, renegotiate terms, or just run for the border! Should it be the latter, go fast and don't look back, you won't be missed anyway!


Most are familiar with the old saying "Where there's a Will, there's a way" but how many  understand the "Will"?  Our Will is our intention, our focus power that manifests our desires -  not with  force but applying 'the Force'.   "Where there's a Will there's a way" means that  applying our intense Will power activates our goal/desire when we want something strongly enough The Universe recognizes our intent and moves mountains to give it to us, amazingly and sometimes miraculously.  Advanced creators know the value of Awakened Will (our ability to focus Attention with Intention) and refine the skill.  Practice makes perfect.


Astrologist Kyrona Writes: 
in this moment of the  June Solstice 2016 we are near the exact center point of this Turning of the Ages process - so the STARGATE is open to its widest aperture!   We are being 'LIGHT' up by starry ascension codes like never before!


Do you practice gratitude and forgiveness?  Are you grateful for the negative as well as the positive?  Most will say No if they're truthful.  If that's you then you might be interested to know you are missing an integral part of your creative ability.  .  . . and what about Ho'Oponopono?   Do you know how to manage old data and clean the slate?   Actually advanced gratitude and/or Ho'Oponopono practitioners apply it to both positive or negative, because they realize perceived positive experiences pull our strings too.  Always easier to recognize in others, most know what I mean - others that dance to altruistic programs neglecting their own needs, good sons/daughters manipulated by selfish parents and vice versa, selfstyled spiritual devotees following gurus/leaders/preachers/teachers they can ill afford etc.  If this sounds familiar, please join Ho'Oponopono erasing data, we're waiting on you.