''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


There's a Solar Eclipse/New Moon this week, said to be a harbinger of beneficent vibes, clarity and vision associated with the planetary aspects.  Stay present with situations and conditions, creating  the  energy works it's magical grace raising vibrations for all. 


I spent most of yesterday in ER with my friend that had a freak fall.  Per yesterday's post announcing  I had 'no plans'  did that create a void that the Universe rushed to fill? Or was it a result of his rehashing earlier in the day, for the 3rd time,  about a friend recently that fell (hit his head and died)? Was his repetitive focus misconstrued as a command?  So just in case creating is that easy, it's a reminder to keep Creative  Attention busy  on positive, wonderful things. 


After an active week I have no plans for today - unusual for busybody's like me.   No worry - that will last about 5 minutes until I get inspired.  Have a fun Saturday!


The current Ebola situation has some speculating about the doomsday scenario this could represent.  Daring adventurous gamechangers and rule-breakers are needed  to  join others  dedicated on The Mission, bringing your advanced  skills.  Welcome aboard!


For those elusive goals that never happen but remain on our list - those  chasing rainbows ones? Try standing still and  allow it to find you! Attention  is creative-- it  gives us exactly what we focus on, so  striving creates striving, not success.  Focus on the end.


Mercury Retrograde may be a good time to take advantage of the perceived slowdown to clear your desk, review goals and intensify Attention  on your vision.   By now you know the best contribution is raising your own vibrations, which radiates outward, activating the same in others.  Advanced creators  know that teachers require students,  preachers require sinners, so they express the happiness protocol where all are equal. 


I've written before about the suspicion I'm dreaming my life.  Especially  when I notice things that don't make sense/out of sync as well as visionary inescapable deja vu experiences enforcing perception these are broadcast from somewhere - like a dream.    Per the  previous post on lucid dreaming, I wonder if our lack of control over our life is the transparent belief it's real.  The first step in lucid dreaming is recognizing you are dreaming - a step omitted by most reality creators.  Try installing a 'white worm' software type affirmation to run in background such as  "I'm AWAKE" until you are!
(Previously published 4/25/2014)


Some, if not most, of us have goals that we just never manifest and wonder why.  There may be many reasons but one that is fairly transparent is trying to figure out how.  Instead of trying to create the money, help/approval/support etc, Nevillize it!  Focus your Attention/Imagination until it manifests or your intuition shows you the way to it. Otherwise, we allow our dreams to wither on the vine for lack of Creative Force, the divine supply of everything.


According to Ishna Lerner, the Full Moon in Aries has benevolent vibrations, for those that wish to align with the planetary aspects, while others activate Awakened Will.  If you're among the latter, you may notice egoic mind kicks in, weakening/diminishing your resolve, so beware of distractions and intensify Attention on what you prefer. 


Arising at 4am, I watched  the  Blood Moon Full Moon Eclipse! Did you feel the  grounding effect as the moon totally disappeared?  Awesome!  Was it an activation opening portals/stargates?  Let's see what unfolds


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 7/8 tonight arrives on the heels of Mercury Retrograde.  According to some astrologers it may activate changes, personally and/or globally, so let's stay  grounded  in charge as Awakened Will.  Align with Source to empower dominion over all.