''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Past Life Vignettes

Over the years some of the "Lives I have known" were easy to remember. A few come to mind, such as a shared memory with  a woman I worked with years ago, we both remembered a Cathars experience where we held hands and jumped off a cliff committing  suicide avoiding death by torture during the Papal Inquisition. My impression was we were nuns in an religious order considered heretical targeted by the Church for elimination. I have a couple of Egyptian *Far Memories, one as a Temple priest at the Great Pyramid at Giza and another as a young woman living at the shortlived city of Tel El Amarna.
She had two lovers and her infidelity cost her the one she truly loved, a hard lesson so emotion charged it overshadowed the real essence of that experience re the Solar God Aten that I want to explore more when I can. She served as an acolyte in the Akhenaten church/court and was lost in history when his empire crashed after a few short years. I recall a brief life as a saloon girl in Santa Fe, a short experience  with men I knew in this life. My impression is 'Goldy' died of pneumonia still in her teens, she was hustling drinks by 14 and dead by 17. How interesting- I never knew her name until writing the previous sentence, focusing on her death - oh here comes more details - she didn't have a coat....that's how she caught pneumonia, foolishly drunk out in the snow with just a flimsy wrap. I sensed she had TB already so pneumonia was merely the coup de grace. This is good example of recalling past lives, they behave much as recordings and your focus will begin them 'playing', in other words your attention breathes life into them again and they will 'wake up' and replay their story. By the way, she smoked, something that carried over this lifetime and reminds me of another smoker, a petite, pretty raven haired woman during la Belle Epoque heyday of the Hapsburg Empire, she was a Countess  who lived a useless, frivolous life of lovers, pretty clothes, riding and parties. She was a wealthy married lady on the fringe of the Austrian court, with some type of minor function giving her entree and had a meaningless affair with one of the notorious archdukes, no honor to that at all, he didn't discriminate. I pickup they all used recreational drugs, cocaine, opium? Their totally vain, empty life and scandalous behavior made them outcasts in polite society but many turned a blind eye, including her husband who never left his country estate. Her equestrian interests involved frequent trips to England for the races where she was privy to HRH Edward, the Prince of Wales, inner circle. She loved to go to Paris to shop and was there for the 1889 Centennial Exposition (Yes, I returned for the 1989 Bi-Centennial, see previous post "Paris") when they opened the Eiffel Tower and often while there she frequented the Montmartre cabarets Moulon Rouge, Follies Beregere and others. A copy of Manet's "A Bar at the Follies Beregere" brought to me as a gift, graced my house for 20 years or so, until I moved to California and couldn't take so I gave it back to the gifter, who, by the way, was the trapeze artist in the picture and who shared other lifetimes as well.  For kicks the Countess and her friends dressed down as 'shop-girls' to go slumming in the low life dance halls, no Worth gowns there. They were fans of the cancan girls Toulouse Lautrec immortalized and one is my friend again in this lifetime.  Leah, the Countess, only lasted as long as her looks did which wasn't long, my impression is she had an early death from drugs and alcohol. By the way, the degenerate syphilitic prince turned up again and unfortunately his penchant for drugs, alcohol and indiscriminate sex didn't die with his royal experience, he had to take that class over, as a witty friend of mine says.  These recalls are especially interesting because of the sense of their character (or lack of). Goldy was a child trying survive and the Countess was a conniving sensualist with insatiable appetites who contributed nothing to her world. They all were learning about life. More to come.
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