''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Neville Goddard - Power (very rare lecture with many examples of using i...

Neville Goddard - Power (very rare lecture with many examples of using i...


Have you ever noticed something caught your attention and in hindsight was a harbinger of connecting - good or bad?  Even as a 15year old, when I met a couple of guys at the gas station then the next day saw one of them ahead of me at a stoplight and had an intuitive slap he was bad news and would play a role in my future (all true!). Another time at a workshop in Orlando there was a contingency of rowdy South Americans and when I glanced their way one of them looked up with a hostile eye to eye stare and I felt a foreboding in my gut --  sure enough, later through a twisty turny you can't make this stuff up  six degrees of separation thing a connection happened that  still influences my life today!  I've had several other experiences like these so now use my mojo/shield/block/avoid this stuff. Should this happen to you, just say "No"!


plural noun: androids
 a robot with a human appearance.

synonyms:robot, automaton, cyborg, droid, bot

homosapien hybrids created by ancient astronauts (aliens)


There is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the way along with Mercury Retrograde - lots of planetary aspects to keep us on our toes!  Just a reminder, "The stars impel not compel". 


I was too busy to even notice the  Mercury Retrograde shadow phase that began Aug. 10, 2016 that goes retrograde Tuesday August 30.   Here's the Mercury Retrograde Lucky in Love definitive article that explains my  recent posts on  "Love".  .  . Silly me - I didn't catch the 'love' astrological download/program beaming my way!  I have said before that I don't know anything about astrology although  I'm sensitive to the aspects -- but short on the meaning!  I interpreted it as coming from the heart when actually it came from the starz -- Venus in particular.  Not that it's altogether a bad thing - unless you've ever had a  love affair where you came out the loser?  I just recovered from one of those and here comes another setup!  I need to stay up on the starz forecast.  Join me.


You may have wondered if you're dreaming, or could your socalled life be a Simulated Reality.  Maybe in a moment of clarity,  you realized things weren't making sense and there was another agenda at play.  If so, who or what is creating it?  I write a lot about 'creating reality' but would be remiss if I didn't include a Disclaimer.  .   .   . Advanced creators with  Awakened Will have limited creative freedom in certain scenarios (aka some things we can modify, up to a point anyway) or another way is willingly experience/cease resisting and allow the energy to shift on it's own (hint: it's technology).     


If you'd like to know why you're experiencing your life as it is, I've suggested to explore what someone would have to believe to experience that.  You may realize then, to experience what you prefer, install appropriate beliefs. . .  “VoilĂ ”!   Creative Force gives us what we've impressed on it --  it's technology!  Engage your Inner Child that loves to play and dance, pretend, imagine until your dream is real.  


Years ago Sissy's channel, said that 'along with the White Brotherhood, aliens would assist us, that all good will be sent to help our troubled world, even as we will be used to restore the earth, so will others'.  Dire warnings the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse scenario included climate change. civil war, nuclear fallout, the end of days etcToday, my 'morning message' revealed that restoration was ongoing/  explaining why my own innate love to play/Pollyanna attitude always won out, shifting me from Doomsday victim to A New Earth creator and thriver - Peace, joy and highest good on this beautiful blue planet. Come join us in the Ascension Dimension.


Today marks the end of  Mars Retrograde post shadow period!  Adios, farewell, bye bye, so long, hasta la vista - Return to Source and move on.


"To awaken means to awaken out of the self-talk in the head because the self-talk is a form of hypnosis - self hypnosis."
Eckhart Tolle


The dawning of the Age of Aquarius called advanced creators to focus talents and gifts releasing the old patriarchal paradigm  to welcome/create the Return of The Divine Feminine. As we experience the shift in consciousness from fear based to heart based, the birth pangs may not be easy.  It takes strength and power to choose love .  .  .   your ticket through the Stargate.


A belief or belief system is a filter used by consciousness to create an experience or to judge what has not been personally experienced.  Beliefs or belief systems will focus our attention either on what we want or what we don't want, thereby creating the reality we perceive.


(Note from Kay: 11 years ago on August 18, 2005  I flew the Eagle ley line back from Alaska.)
Bjork A late summer FULL MOON and partial Lunar Eclipse occurs in enigmatic Aquarius on Thursday, August 18th, 2016, at 5:27 AM ET. Aquarian influence shakes and awakes. Its symbol, the Water bearer, signifies an edge walker, pulling visions and epiphanies from sources out of this world.  This Rebellious Aquarius Full Moon can cast a restless mood as we break free of stifling mindsets and situations. These events are not always graceful. It’s not all love and light. These energies are edgy and provocative as we dance between the Real and the Ideal.
“Watch for strange, trippy, genius ideas, or random encounters with people that electrify your creative dreams. Be decisive about blocking low vibes. A friend of mine has huge 70s-style sunglasses she calls ‘hate blockers’. If you’re sensing negativity in your scene, this is the time for an upgrade.” -Molly Hall


In case you haven't noticed, there's a Full Moon on the way.  Some will choose to align with the lunar energy while warrior personas shield-up.  Then there's the romantics that just bask in the beauty of our nearest planet/star.  .  .  . you decide.


According to your level of advancement, you know belief filters plus Attention creates reality so it follows that our reality mirror reflects our beliefs.  If so, then you know that it's not what happened to us  but our beliefs about what happened to us. The conflict is when we profess to believe one thing but our reality reflects another so use your tools to reveal transparent beliefs and liberate yourself.  If you don't know where to begin, start by asking yourself what would someone have to believe to be experiencing this?


The Return of the Divine Feminine expresses as spiritual for some  while others prefer to think of it as earthy  Awakening Goddess of sensual passion/aliveness.   Many that shun the Goddess as pagan might bear in mind that the socalled pagan came first and embrace all aspects of the Great Mother matriarchal paradigm, so welcomed in today's times.


Remember the bestseller "Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus"?  Then there's crossover,  women of a certain age adopted plenty of Mars energy/attributes to survive in a man's world, the patriarchal paradigm.  If this sounds familiar then join the rising Divine Feminine matriarchal paradigm of equality no manner what your gender.  Men can allow their tender side and women can let down their shields and enable their softness to emerge, meeting halfway.  Decide you don't need to be right or have the last word, instead make up, hold hands and just Be.


If it's just too hot for you,  take a time-out and review your goals.  Are they in alignment with your guides/teams/Higher I?  I thought I was until recently when I realized something was missing. Inspiration and revelation can come when you least expect it, a book, website or even a TV show, so open your heart restoring aliveness to  body, mind and spirit.


Do you follow the rules or make the rules?  Can you easily move on or do you hang on to old data, digging up bones, replaying every slight, perceived or otherwise?   Take a tip from someone who knows and bless your enemies because it's not about you so don't flatter yourself!  Make a new rule to raise your vibrations, practice forgiveness and have fun,  find someone to love,  join with likeminded equals and thank your lucky starz . .  .  . aren't you fabulous!


If you're happy raise your hand.  Acknowledge and embrace that you're happy or sad, rich or poor, lonely etc, what you'd like to change or  improve.  .  .  . lose some weight, find a mate or anything else out there in creation. Can you shift your perspective and view your life as a third party?  When you can do that you realize those are what you're  Being, they are not you. Don't let what you are being stand in the way of what you might become.


If you're sensitive to the stars influence, you feel Mars Retrograde post shadow fading.  In the meantime, rededicate to your hearts desire that truly excites you.  I'm talking about your gut feelings, the Solar Plexis chakra that's the seat of your intuition, emotions,  creative passion/sexuality , desire and design, aliveness and /excitement. Tune into your power-house gut feelings to activate  your dream! 


How do you see yourself?  Are you the dragon slayer or waiting to be saved?  The former know they'll be fine whether they win or lose so are willing to take more risks for larger payoffs of  love, money, success etc while the latter play it safe, risk little and win small. What's your MO?


“Consciousness follows vision, and I step into the vision and explore a world just as real as this.”
Neville Goddard


Back in 2012 the United States CDC, Center for Disease Control published zombie apocalypse article that's disappeared from my Bookmarks but I did a post on it at the time. 

Zombie Preparedness
Zombie Banner
Wonder why Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombie Preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site? As it turns out what first began as a tongue in cheek campaign to engage new audiences with preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform. We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via Zombie Preparedness; and as our own director, Dr. Ali Khan, notes, "If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack." So please log on, get a kit, make a plan, and be prepared!


Image result for all seeing eyeThis morning I was reminded of an interesting place I lived for a few months back in my twenties, a cute Goldilocks house, just right for my son and I.  I've never forgotten a couple of things that happened while living there, way over my head at the time.  One day I closed my eyes in meditation I instantly saw  the all seeing eye do a fly-by! It caught me by surprise, especially because the eye was alive and looked right at me before flying on outa view.  I recognized it as some kind of extreme high technology mental surveillance device checking me out and it scared the heck out of me.   A few weeks later, as I began meditation, I instantly clicked into some kind of visionary numbers frequency with the embedded message its a mathmatical universe, again way over my twenty something head. I moved soon after but never forgot about my 'meditation' experiences. As my comprehension grew about earth energies, I think the house was built  on  a power-spot, that had some kind of etheric  technological device activated. Makes me wonder?


Intuitive Astrology: August New Moon 2016

The theme of this New Moon is fun and creativity, which is very different from all the heavy releasing work that the previous months have had in store for us.


Have tried this yet?  It's another easy tool to add to your toolbox accessing Divine Source/Infinite Intelligence to heal, forgive, make right (Don't forget tomorrow's 2016 August New Moon In Leo).

 The Unseen Therapist™

Who is she?

She is the true therapist within Optimal EFT, a therapy process described herein that is designed to bring unparalleled levels of healing to those who master it.  Earthly therapists learn to work by her side and become her valued assistants.  This will become clear as we proceed.
She is the Spiritual Presence underlying the Oneness of Creation and goes by many names.  Examples: Love, God, Peace, Jesus, Buddha, Higher Intelligence, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Guidance, Inner Wisdom and more.  She is the ultimate Source of True Forgiveness which is to say that she is the ultimate Source of all healing.
And since we are all One, she is the spiritual essence of you ... and me ... and everyone else.
She is a representative of the spiritual dimension and is eager to provide healing when called upon.  You will experience her wisdom and skills as you learn to call on her.
She is available to everyone.  Doctors, therapists, everyday citizens, children, senior citizens, prison inmates, war veterans, people with serious diseases … everyone.  And she is free.
She can be astonishingly effective for every emotional, physical or performance issue you can name.
She requires no drugs, surgeries or other physical interventions.