''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Redoux from 2009 WISEWOMAN PATH
Recently  I received Divine Inspiration  to refocus on my WiseWoman heritage, DNA passed down  through the generations.  Growing up running barefoot on the farm, little did I know then that it was training/remembrance for this future time.  In alignment with the New Moon symbolism of new beginnings, freshening energy, I received Inspiration to expand my focus on the WiseWoman within, embracing the sacred in everyday life and dedicated to  Keeping The Earth Green.  Thank you to the family Green/WiseWoman tradition...to  GGG, in the carriage on stormy nights on Kaskaskia Island practicing your healing /midwifery skills,  to my Okie Granma  picking grapes in California grounded in sync with the land and especially my parents and to Sissy, natural healers/gardeners, for your simple attunement to the Earth wisdom that nurtured my path...and to a Far Memory ...Tabitha, for your wisdom re the wee folk, the Fae energy, the Earth song you sang  for the modern "I" today.


Maybe it's the Total Solar Eclipse but whatever it is has high energy going on, including bad juju.   Those on The Mission remain detached, on standby,  as world events unfold. Don't buy into the clowns/dog & pony show - remember you knew the circus was coming to town.


Have you noticed changes?  In my world I've noticed signs that indicate changes on the way.  I credit my MAP team, unseen therapist, Starbeings, unseen allies etc for reality shifts and upgrades resolving issues/clarity, raising vibrations and more.  Hang on as portals open and Stargates appear (or starships for those so inclined).


FYI re Starbeings, they are here to assist.  If you're   on The Mission  you've done this before so whether you think you volunteered or were chosen, it's Right For You.  


Image result for hooponopono modernHere's a reminder to use when you wish to dissolve something - just say/think "Thank you" until you sense a shift and move on.  It's a HoOponopono tech shortcut from Dr. Hew Len.   Remember 'say it and mean it'!  


Here's a repeat of a  2009 post:
I always wondered about MAGIC, not magician magic but you know, the Magick kind. I had a lightbulb moment when I read what some sage said "Magick is a Science not an Art". In other words magick is a formula rather than the refinement of an appealing, pleasing form. Scientific formula is one that produces repeatable results, it's technology. So if you get the right formula then it works. I understood for the first time that spells did have creative power but would leave that to those that interests. Like all women I may have some creative ways but don't practice Magick...or do I? It occurred to me that if you take away the occult trappings that 'casting a spell' is no different than making an affirmation. Both seek to manifest by SPEAKING THE WORD. I think the accoutrements began back in prehistoric times when a shaman or clan leader around the cave fire shook his bone rattles/beat the drum so the clan would situp and listen and ANNOUNCED what he intended-to go there and kill meat or new rules etc and if he was in his AUTHORITY it worked. Today's light and sound mind machines for meditation utilizes the same mind shifting that firelight flickering on a cave wall did (ditto strobe-lights/disco balls). Add beating drums/shaking rattles of bone to access the vibrational frequency (why warriors going to battle were accompanied by pipers or drummers revving them up). As king of the domain the 'spell' was repeated with success and along the way they believed they had to have the fire, rattles, drum to 'get lucky' as well when it was his Word spoken with intent that was the Magick that made the creation. Magick is just another way of using Universal Law and we all do it whether we know it or not. We all wish and want our desires that creates our reality. Shake rattle and roll is a nod to the ancestors around the campfire. So get your mojo working, amplify with emotion, rattle dem bones and attract the frequency you wish...Drum-roll please... "voilĂ "!


As the sensitive already know, Mercury enters pre-retrograde phrase July 24 prior to retrograde August 12 plus the  upcoming solar eclipse  energy - double whammy!  Sharpen your alertness/awareness and use your mojo for the best throughout these planetary aspects.


Are you having odd, weird, outa sync stuff pop up?  After years of incidents I suspect a la computer simulated reality software playing and/or lingering frequency/emissions?


If you're distracted by others, back up and regroup/refocus your Attention on your personal goals until they manifest or Higher I removes the attraction (deflates the charged subatomic particles).  This allows those distracting you to better focus on their own path, so right for them.  If we do what's Right For Us, our energy will radiate out and accomplish more than we ever knew. 


There's some speculation about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse symbolism. Some view the astrological aspects as a bad omen,  so stay tuned and follow your intuition.


How's the Full Moon going?  If things are weird, don't feel lonesome! In spite of Ninja mode,  did the moonlight spotlight you? Use your mojo, beware, take care, awake and alert and avoid entrapment etc etc.


I love this quote from yesterday's Mystic Mamma Full Moon article.  Unseen allies!  Who thought of that?   Thank you.
"Time to send our roots deeper into Mother Earth and call upon our unseen allies, angels, and great Spirit within and around us to help us."


I didn't know why, but the couple of times I visited the new  local arts and craft store that opened near my house, I sensed something  and would quickly leave.  Was it the Iraqi artifacts?  Those familiar with Sitchin's books will know what I mean.


The  current state of affairs have many focusing on why they're here, some think positive hoping to  prevent global annihilation, some await the Rapture, Preppers prepare  while others are the cleanup crew, here to restore Earth afterwards.  Whatever your purpose, remain grounded in love and peace, always the  best defense.